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Wojciech Machnik

My name is Wojtek. I am a man of the road and a marathon runner. I look for challenges and inspirations.
I have travelled a lot. My portfolio covers over 160 countries on six continents and I am still hungry for more. Over time I have also grown into a new habit – running!
In 2013 I decided to face a new challenge and I signed up for a half marathon. I had not been very active before and I still remember my happiness when I crossed the finish line for the first time. Then I was not aware that running would become my new healthy addiction, thus being an important part of my life. Eventually, after 12 years of working for different corporations I decided to quit and I pursued a new career. I set up a travel agency Go4Adventures that specialises in customised trips and expeditions to remote parts of the world. I also launched a project that was dedicated to marathon travels Travel2Run. Now both of them are my passion, way of life, source of joy and satisfaction.
It is said that your life will give you as much as you dare to take. I have dared to take a lot and my life has given me a lot. Running marathons all over the world I have met a lot of great and inspiring individuals. I have learned discipline and regularity. I have challenged my motivation and determination while training hard. Obviously I have made numerous mistakes but you do not make mistakes when you do nothing.
When I ran my first marathon I did not dream that I would get the Crowns of Polish Half Marathons and Marathons, that I would be the 26th Pole to complete the World Marathon Majors and that I would be close to getting the Crown of the World Marathons. Running and travelling have led me to new destinations and let me visit numerous non-commercial places. The above is possible due to my consequent project realisation, systematic activeness and goal drivel determination.
In my case running is predominantly an adventure. It is also a challenge. The result is of secondary nature. My motto reads ‘you should do what you are keen of and what you enjoy’. I love travelling. I love running. Basically I do what I love. That makes me feel great.
All photographs you can see belong to me and they are subject to copyright. Should you wish to use them, you are kindly asked to get in touch with me.
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